Nikki Hassman (Waverly, IA) While she began taking piano lessons at the age of five, Nikki's main passion was gymnastics. She began pursuing gymnastics with hopes of someday competing in the Olympics. At fifteen, she decided to focus on singing and after graduating from high school, Nikki moved to Minnesota's Twin Cities to do demo work, private showcases, and perform in comedy clubs. A few years later, at Estes Park's 1994 Christian Music Seminar, Nikki met a friend who encouraged her to move to Nashville. She made the proposed relocation and eventually joined Clay Crosse's band for a summer, touring as a support vocalist. In addition, Nikki served as a background singer on multiple country albums and performed for numerous country demos. The friend she met at Estes Park eventually pushed for Nikki's introduction to the other members of Avalon. A published songwriter, Nikki has a publishing agreement with EMI. Sadly, Nikki will be leaving the group.

Birthday: September 27th

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, songwriting, playing piano, dancing

Currently playing in your car stereo: Songwriter demos

Favorite pig-out food: Any kind of sweet treat

If you weren't a singer, you'd be what: A dancer or A&R in the music industry

Weirdest thing you've ever done on stage: I started laughing hysterically in the middle of speaking and could NOT stop for 5 minutes.

Childhood Nick-name: "Sport"

Favorite Scripture: Ephesians 2:8-10

Dream Vacation: A week at a Dude Ranch in Colorado called "Lost Valley Ranch"

Useless Talent: I can spill ANYTHING at the most inappropriate time.

Favorite breakfast cereal: Blueberry Morning

People always tell me: That I'm very approachable and have a "sunny" personality.

People would be suprised to know: That I trained to be an Olympic gymnast until age 13.

Who'll play you in the movie: Cameron Diaz

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