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Nikki Hassman will stay in our hearts always... FAREWELL NIKKI

Nikki Hassman.....we are going to miss her tremendously. Did we want Nikki to leave? No, of course we didn't. Not even the other members of Avalon wanted her to leave. We ask ourselves, "Did I do something to make her leave? Was I not a good enough fan?" or "Why did she have to leave, she was so perfect for the group!?" I have to admit I was very mad when I got news she was leaving. This is my favorite group, and one of the members leave! I almost didn't even want them to get a replacement for her, cause "No one can EVER replace Nikki."

But that is thinking selfishly. Nikki felt it was God's will that she leave Avalon and go on to pursue her solo career with Sony Records. We should be congratulating and praying for her instead of getting mad at her and wanting to beg her to stay with the group. If it's God's will, then it will work out for the good. And just think, whenever her album comes out, we'll still be able to hear her beautiful voice, even though it's not with Janna, Jody and Michael.

Cherie Paliotta is the new replacement for Nikki. Even though I said no one could ever replace Nikki, I think Cherie is God's chosen one for that job, and I think we'll gradually grow to love her as much as Nikki. Just pray.

Nikki, if you ever read this, just remember we all still love you very much and are going to miss you a lot! Hopefully maybe you can make appearances with Avalon here and there. It would be great to see you singing with them like old times. If you would like to write a letter of farewell to all Avalon fans out there, please email me and I'll be sure to post it on this page. We are praying for you, and God Bless.


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