Michael spent much of his Mississippi childhood singing hymns in a small country church. As he grew older, he began playing the piano and writing his own songs. Michael found his craftsmanship was soon impacted by keyboard oriented artists like Elton John and Lionel Richie. He went on to perform with a band in college and later a New Jersey-based group that toured nationally. After obtaining his degree in classical piano at Mississippi College, Michael moved to Nashville and began working with fellow musicians. In addition, he had the opportunity to travel as a solo artist performing praise and worship music at numerous conferences for youth and singles' groups. Michael's career took a focused turn when one of Sparrow's A&R directors observed his performance during a Nashville showcase which eventually lead to Michael joining Avalon.

Birthday: October 29th

Hobbies/Interests: Wildlife Photography

Currently Playing in your Car Stereo: Amy Grant, Whitney Housten, Don Henley's Greatest Hits

Favorite Pig-Out Food: Pepperoni-Lovers pan pizza

If you weren't a singer, you'd be what: A dog breeder

Weirdest thing you've ever done on stage: Fallen off

Childhood Nick-name: "Junior"

Favorite Scripture: Luke 1:37

Dream Vacation: An African safari

Useless Talent: Clap with one hand

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Captain Crunch

People always tell me: I look like their best friend

People would be suprised to know: I have a degree in Classical Piano

Who'll play you in a movie: Leonardo DiCaprio

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