Have you seen Avalon in concert? Have you met them somewhere (backstage, autograph table, etc...)? Do have a cute story about it? Well, if yes to any of those questions, please take the time to fill out this form. I will post your story along with everyone else's as soon as I can. We would love to read your story, so don't hesitate!

Name: Lindsay
Your story: When I found out that Avalon was going to be at Celebrate Freedom 1999 I absolutely freaked. I was so excited and the day the tickets were available I got mine. Well, anyway, of course at big multi-artist concerts they put the well-known artist later in the day. Avalon was performing at 6'o clock and I could not sit still all day. Oh, I gotta tell you this concert was outdoors and it was 100+ degree weather. Well, about 3:00 I got in line for the autographs(they were having the autograph session at 5:00)and wiated, and waited for about an hour and a half. Well over in the broadcasting booth(KLTY, a CCM radio station, was broadcasting live)there was a lot of cheering and stuff. My friend stayed in line and I walked(well, I ran)over to the booth to see what was happening. Yep, you guessed it! It was AVALON! I almost fainted at the sight of them(because I'm they're biggest fan). I made my way up closer and they were just sitting there talking and everything. Janna look ov! er at me and smiled and I waved at her and she waved back. Being crazy like I am I waved to Cherie and she was just smiling and waving. Michael wouldn't takes off his sunglasses so I yelled "Hey, Michael, lose the shades!" But he didn't hear me. While te radio station was playing "Take you at Your Word" Jody was getting a little hyper. He was sitting they're dancin' and everyting. He was so hilarious! Soon, Avalon left the broadcasting booth walked over to the autograph booth, where the crowd began chanting "Avalon! Avalon!". Oh, BTW, Avalon had like 10 security guards around them. OK, so they get to the booth and I wiat another 15-20 minutes and FINALLY after TWO HOURS of waiting(and getting a sunburn) I was getting their autographs. Ok, I walked up to the table ad Jody was first. He said hi, how are ya' all that stuff. I asked him if he could make my poster out to me and the security guard standing right next to Jody chimed in and said "No, they can't do that". Jody just looked at him like 'be quiet', and ! he was quiet. Jody told me(! and I'm quoting verbatim), "No, I'm sorry, honey, I can't do that. But ya' know you could get a Sharpie marker and write it in yourself, and nobody would notice." I was just like, "Ok, I understand. Thanks!" Might I mention my heart did a flip when he called me "honey", but that doesn't mean anything, since he's married. As I went on to Cherie Jody said, "I'm really sorry I couldn't do that, honey." He was really sorry, I could tell. Well, Cherie, who was next, was so funny. I told her liked her hair and she just pulled it up everywhere and said "Well, it looks like this!" That was so funny! I went on to Janna, who was so sweet, and I said, "I tink I'm your number one fan, but so does everyone else! She just said "Oh, you are so sweet!" Michael was last(but CERTAINLY not least) and he said "Hi, how are you, today?" I said "HOT!" and he just laughed. He looks very cute when he laughs! I kind of felt sorry for Avalon because it was scorching hot and they(and everyone else)were ! all hot and sweaty. And Avalon w as having to be nice and polite to everyone. They were at the autograph table only 20 min. when I got there and Jody was already on his second bottle of water. Well, I hiked all the way back down to my seat(actually this was a HUGE slope and I was sitting on a blanket)and wited another half hour for Avalon to perform. Well, the anouncer came out and said please welcome Avalon (and all that stuff)the whole crowd just went beserk. To be able to see you had to stand up(because there were approx. 114,000 people there, but luckily I got there early and had a good seat). Well, Avalon sang "Take You at Your Word" to begin with and that was so awesome. They sang, "Knockin' on Heaven's Doors", "Give It Up", "Adonai", "Can't Live A Day", "I'm Speechless", "Let Your Love", "Testify To Love" Before each song the Avaloner who sang the lead would talk about what that song meant to them, etc. Before "Give It Up" Michael was talking and he said "I know the rest of Avalon is sick of hearing th! is but I just love it." Mic! hael then sang the little song, "The stars at night are big and bright..." and the crowd finished "...deep in the heart of Texas!" Jody, Cherie, and Janna, were just like "Oh, brother. During "Let Your Love" Jody was again getting hyper. He was spinning around and around and dancing, it was SO FUNNY! I think he was clogging. Then while he was clogging, the microphone cover flew off and he just kept spinning aroun and he bent down and picked it up real qiuck. Michael saw what happened and was trying not to laugh! Before "Adonai" Jody was talking about how he recently got married and how he missed his wife, and how sometimes he wondered why in the world he was singing when he could be at home w/Stephanie. When he said "I recently got married" all the girls in the crowd were cheering and everything. That was really funny! Oh, BTW, Jody said when he was missing Steph, etc., he remembered he was singing for 'Adonai'. At the end of Avalon's set they closed w/ "Testify to Love" and w! hen the intro to "TTL" started t he crowd went totally wild. Everyone was screaming and yelling and cheering. When "TTL" was over everone was cheering again and Avalon walked off the stage and was saying "Bye, we love ya'" and all that stuff. In spite of the heat Avalon was totally worth getting sunburned for. I haven't seen them in full concert but I can't wait to do so!

Name: Amanda
Your story: I only went to an Avalon concert once. :-( But that was okay. This was in March 98, so Cherie wasn't in the group yet. It was the Gold Tour so they were only on for like a half hour. But that was okay. When Crystal Lewis was singing, my friends and I went out in the halls to look at the consession stands. We asked a girl if she saw any Avalon members. She told us that there was the "blonde girl" in an office down the hall. That's where we went and that's where Nikki was!!! She was on the phone for two long hours though so we had to wait that long. sigh. But during that time, Janna came out to go to the bathroom. We asked her for her autographs and she said she would. She wasn't in a great mood it seemed because she was griping about everything. That's okay. I understand now. I think that was the time when she was going through that suicidal depression/fatigue/insomnia, etc. since it was in March. After she gave us her autographs she ran into the bathroom. hehehe. Poor ! girl. :-( Then after that, Nikki finally came out to sign our things. She was sooo sweet, one of the sweetest people I have ever met, actually! She told us that she and the other members were BEST best friends. (so I'm wondering why she left if she said that. ???) But anyway, after the concert I looked through this barracade that was guarding the private hall for Avalon/Crystal Lewis. I saw Jody skipping down the hall, with his arms open wide as if he was trying to hug the world dramatically! HA. What a goof. I wish that I could've met him and Michael. Oh well, I did get to meet Janna and Nikki. That was awesome! Now I have to meet Jody, Michael and of course Cherie. Can't wait to see them in March again!!!! hehehe.

Name: Stephanie Davila
Your story: I work at Sixflags Over Texas at their concerts. One day Avalon was going to perform. I had never seen Avalon or new who they were. I was at the concert early to get my assignment when a guy who said he was a part of the band came up to me and asked me if we could ride some of the rides. I said yes, so he and another band member went with me and a coworker of mine on some of the rollercoasters and stuff. He was very easy to get along with and we joked about alot of stuff. He was to chicken to raise his arms on the rocking boat. When it was time for him to get ready to perform we went back to the concert area. He said his name was Michael and he gave me a hug and thanked me for riding with him. I still had no idea who he was exactly. So when they came out to perform and I saw that he was one of the lead singers I was amazed. I have been hooked on their music ever since then. I can't get enough!

Name: rachel
Your story: I went to Creation 99 in the Gorge and I got to be near the press area and when AVALON went in, my jaw DROPPED! I stopped everything and Janna looked over to the fence where I was and said Hi how are you and all I could say was Oh my gosh. Then during their sound check, I was in the front row with my camera, waiting for the picture perfect moment, and I was staring at Josy and he snapped his fingers and said hey. He gave me a MILLION DOLLAR smile and I freaked out! I was so EXCITED!!! I mouthed thank you and in the middle of a song, he stopped and said you're welcome to me. He was SO nice

Name: Allison
Your story: I don't have a story. But, I AM AVALON'S NUMBER ONE FAN!!! They rock. I have all their albums, I love them so much. The only concert I've been to of theirs was a brown bag lunch in the food court of a mall in the Woodlands. That was cool. I didn't get their autograph though cuz I had to leave early. They have a great sound, I love their music so much, and I hope the Lord continues to do great things through their music.

Name: Ashley
Your story: I went to the "Crossover Christian Music" festival. Avalon was there. : ) Along with Wilshire, 4HIM & Michael W. Smith. Avalon came out singing Take You at Your Word. They only sang 8 songs. They were only there half and hour. : ( They sang Take You at Your Word, Give it up, Jesus is Lord, Testify to Love, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Adonai, In not of and Can't live a day. 1 quick note: (Jody forgot his sunglasses) He left them right there on the drums! : ) Poor Jody. No more of those sunglasses. He kept peeking his head out the door. (I think he was looking for them)

Name: Jennifer
Your story: I went to avalons concert when the were at Sharon baptist church, the concert when Janna missed her plane flight :-( I was SO dissapointed!!!! But the oter guys did a WONDERFUL job covering for her, especailly on Knockin on Heavens door, Cherie sounded wonderful!!!! Cherie had been sick, and during the concert, her water and jodys got mixed up and so since jody didn't know which bottle was his and he didn't want to get cherie's germs, he held the bottle away from his lips and tried hard not to touch it to his lips, it was sooo cute!! I didn't get to here can't live a day though, thats what I missed alot!!Micheals family was there, since they live about 3 hours from sharon, and Micheals sister was there and he introduced her, adn she was jumping up and down and waving and laughing and just having fun!!! Jody said " She's Micheals biggest fan! " :-) when they were signing autogrpahs, Cherie was signing a poster out of the Brio magazine, and an article about zits was on t! he other side and Cherie started reading it, it was soo cute :-)While they were siging posters and stuff, the work men were taking the lights down, and Avalon was siging autographs RIGHT under the lights, and Micheal looked up kinda worried at the lights and one of the guys taking te lights down saw him and said " Don't worry, they can only fall once" And Micheal kinda rolled his eyes and said sarcastically " Thats reall comforting " :-) then this one girl had a camerea, and she had her zoom Out REALLY far, and Micheal said " If you don't put that zoom back in you're gonna poke my eyes out!" LOL!!! :-) Then about 3 people took pictures of Cherie really close together, adn Cherie siad" All ya'lls camerea are cracking me up!" :-) They were really funny!! I can't wait till I go to another concert!!!!!

Name: Ashley
Your story: I went to the cross-over concert last night. Avalon was there, but they only sang half an hour. One of the Stone Brother's said 'it's two men and two women and they are Avalon'. Well, you should have heard all the clapping! They started out with "Take You at Your word". Then they sang "Knockin' on Heaven's door. That was followed by "Give it Up". Then they talked a little. That was followed with some more songs. Right before Take You at Your Word, Jody had his foot up on the speaker, then Cherie said something and he put it down! They closed with the song "Testify to Love". Everybody started clapping and Michael and Cherie said "Give your praise to the Lord". Then when they filed out, Cherie put her hands on Janna's shoulder's and went through the door. After Avalon came a preacher. 101 souls were saved!

Name: Shannon from Lakeland
Your story: I have met Avalon twice. Once in Lakeland at First Presbyterian church March 9th Cherie shared a wonderful testimony and changed my life. Her friendship is incredible. The second time was in West Palm beach May 2nd. I got to help out with sound check. As I was standing on the stage Michael, Jody, and Janna walked around the corner. Jody just laughed and asked if I was the entertainment for today. I asked where Cherie was and he said "She borke her leg and we shot her". Then she walked around the corner. The coolest thing was that she knew who I was. We had only met one other time, but that really made my day. It was really funny for me to be up there doing sound stuff before they could get started asking Janna to please back up so that I could finish what I was doing. I felt really bad, but I am sure that she understood. After the concert I got to talk to Janna and Michael for a few minutes. Janna told me about their stay in Lakeland and that she got to get her finger ! nail polish remover from Wal-Mar t and that made her day. It was really cool. I made brownies (ooey gooey yummy chewey rocky road fudge brownines) for Cherie and the gang for her Bday. They were a hit. The coolest thing was that I received an Avalon banner and took it to the concert, sat on the front row, right in the daylight outside. They got a kick out of it.

Name: Kim
Your story: I went to a concert in 98, in May. That was a long time ago, but it was the best concert I have ever been to. It was with Crystal Lewis. When I saw you on the stage, and hered the music, I knew that you would be my favorite group, and you have been scince.

Name: Taci
Your story: It was sometime in March, and my family and I were waiting for my dad to come home from work. Finally he came in. He'd been at a business meeting, and we were sitting in the kitchen, just talking. He told us about the trip, blah de blah, but then he turned to me and said,"You'll never guess who was there." I got this weird look on my face and my stomach got jittery. "Avalon," My dad said. I FREAKED!! He named them by,"A blond guy(Michael), A guy with dark hair (Jody), and a lady with straight, dark hair(Janna). After dinner, I started to call all my friends who were into Avalon. Even now I can say with pride,"My dad saw Avalon."

Name: Nikki (not Hassman)
Your story: Hey! I saw Avalon a while back with Crystal Lewis in Louisville. It was one of the most AWESOME concerts I have ever been to! I loved it! I guess I have a neat story about them. I know that they are some of the nicest people I have ever met! Going through the autograph line, was neat because I was really excited about meeting them. I'm 17 and as you probably know, we teenagers go through 5 millions crises a day. It had been one of those weeks and I was really depressed about a whole hoard of things. I didn't think anyone could tell, but apparently it was obvious to someone. Anyway, I got up through the line and I was trying to be halfway quite because when I get really excited, I start rambling like an idiot. (Ex. I got in an argument with the guy who opened for them about UK.) Jody didn't say much, you know, the hi, did ya like the concert thing. Then Janna got my shirt and she signed it and then she looked up at me and I was sort of embarassed(just because that's the! way I am) I didn't look at her. Anyway, she asked me how I was doing. There was something in her tone, though. It was sincere. Most of the other concerts I had been to, the people were like, "hi, how ya doin'? that's great." But she seemed really sincere in the question, like she really wanted to know HOW I was doing. I still can't believe how nice she was, that really made an impact on me. Anyway, so Michael signed the shirt and then Nikki signed the shirt. Nikki and I got into a little discussion about how our names are spelled the same. It was funny. Well, that is my Avalon story. I cannot wait until they come back to Louisville, they are 'da BOMB! Love In Christ, Nikki

Name: Carol
Your story:I have seen Avalon 2x's. Once in 97 with Nikki and in 98 with Cheri. Both times were exciting and very moving. I have observed that each member of Avalon are very real individuals. At a concert in Georgia last year -I was passing through the room in which the concert merchandise was sold in and walking through the opposite direction was Jody and his finance Stephanie, hand in hand. As we passed each other they both smiled and said Hi. I was thrilled. Best Wishes on your Wedding Jody! Keep up the good Work Avalon.

Name: Carol
Your story: I just had the privilage of going to Franklin, TN for the taping of Avalon's PAX special--Avalon Live at the Factory. One of the cameramen told me Sparrow plans to put it out on home video--so if you don't get a PAX network, you will be able to see it if they do that. It was really interesting to see how it is done. The building is an old, gutted out factory. I'm sure you won't be able to tell from the video. A stage and lights, etc. were set up like a regular concert, but there were no chairs--people stood for the 3+ hours we were there. Fortunately, my husband and I found a place to sit. Basically, once Avalon took the stage they did a regular concert for about 45 minutes, took a break for make-up touchups and a few other set changes, continued to the end. At that time, they were informed by technical people in the truck, that 3 songs would have to be reshot. While setting up for these, Jody "worked the crowd" since it was getting to be a long time standin! g on their feet. At another poi nt while stalling for time, we were introduced to their families that were in town for the Doves and Jody's wedding this weekend. Probably l2 songs were taped, 5 from the new release. It was a lot of fun, and having to listen to 3 songs twice was not a problem!! I was surprised how smoothly things went--and how professional everyone was in doing the remakes. I guess its part of the job. There sure was a lot of energy in the place. It will be a great special and video--very typical of any of the Avalon concerts we have all gone to. Jody also informed the crowd that Avalon will be opening the Doves with Testify to Love, so that's something to look forward to when they are broadcast in syndication. As they say "Check your local listings" hopefully around Easter weekend sometime.

Name: Ashley
Your story: This isn't a very interesting story, more like a comment :) I've had the pleasure of meeting Avalon several times and I just had to say that they are all so SO sweet! The kind of people you'd just love to get to know :) And very patient when I couldn't get my stupid camera to work :P I finally got my picture with them...although the film got exposed and it was ruined (talk about a bad day ;) But I know I'll see them again...sometime, somehow! I can't wait until they're in my area again! :)

Name: Jessica
Your story: I have seen Avalon once , on the Gold tour, and it was AWESOME!!!!!! I just got the new album, In A Different Light , for my birthday and I love it ! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys again. : ) Avalon - Love you guys ! God Bless !

Name: Judy
Your story: mine is sord of a story. i went a avalon concert once it was whan they where on the Christmas tour.I had really enjoyed the concert very much and it being my first concert[i am 12 years old] made it even better. i went with my mom and 2 friends we were the last to leave the auditorium at the concert. As we were walking outside i heard some people yelling,"oh my gosh! they'er coming out!" a bunch of girls like me,were hanging out by the big like a motorhome buses. the people in the concert were coming out of the auditorium to load their stuff in the buses.The girls started asking autographs.me,being almost shocked was a little shy at first asking for their autographs,but i did.[with help from my mom] i asked Nichole Nordeman and Crystal Lewis.I looked around for a avalon member Janna and cherie quickley walked in the buses and didnt come out, they were really tired. then a saw a guy siting on the low edge of the bus.i could not tell who it was it was at night.me and mom went over there and it was...you guessed it...JODY!!! i was so excited, he signed a LSU cup for me! he was soo nice!!! Great site!!! I LOVE YALL AVALON!!

Name: Kevin Richard
Your story: I don't have a story. I fell in love with your music.

It happened gradually. I can't remember exactly when. I guess it must have been from hearing it over and over on the radio. I went to your concert in Edmonton, Alberta not to long ago and I loved it. I know God's annointing was upon it. It ministered to a lot of people there. I hope you come back to Edmonton soon. When you come back, bring Crystal Lewis with you. God bless you.

Name: Mels
Your story: I went to two concerts. One of them was just over New Years. My friend was a (the only) security guard, and he let me tag along with him (I was a 'mini-bouncer'). I run in to the concert ten minutes before it starts (I was working at another part of the place) and he takes me into the room where Avalon is waiting and about to pray. So, I was standing behind Robert like I was supposed to and all of a sudden I hear "Hi. How are you?" I turn around and am face-to-face with Janna! She was always my favorite member for some reason (I love 'em all, though, some people just stick out for some reason). I was like "Fine, how are you?" And she said "Good." Then we started praying so our conversation couldn't go any further. It was cool. The thing that touched me was that she came to me and said something, which, to me, symbloized that she did not feel herself too good for me, you know? After the concert, I had to clean up and I saw Michael, and asked him if he had the time for a picture. He very nicely said "Yeah. Sure" So, I got my picture with him. I always liked him too-he reminds me of my brither for some reason. So, anyhow, that was the highlight of my life and, Janna (or the rest of the group), if you ever read this, I love you and you have touched me more than you could imagine!!! ~Mels

Name: Marla Miller
Your story: I have seen Avalon 2x. The first time was a promotional spot at Mardel in Ft. Worth, TX. It was almost 2 weeks after Cherie joined, so she was really new. Although it was a little crowded in the store, the concert was great!!! My best friend and I loved the music and the ministry and the way Avalon paid attention to the children in the audience. It was a special time for all. My favorite part was after the sound check, the whole group passed right by us and Michael and Cherie actually spoke to me. By the way Cherie, I still think you have great hair, because mine is still the same as yours. We did get plenty of pictures and lots of memories. The 2nd time we saw Avalon was truly a blessing straight from the hand of God. It was New Year's Eve in Watauga, TX. I really wanted to go the concert, but my best friend was scheduled to work that night and wouldn't have been able to go with me. I didn't want to go without her, because I would feel guilty going without her. The night before the concert, she called me and said that she had prayed about the concert and a co-worker came to her and volunteered to work her shift that night. After many prayers of thanks to God, we rushed right out and bought tickets. I can't thank God enough for the opportunity to hear you guys and the message that you conveyed to the people in the audience that night. It has taken a long time for us to realize that this is not all about us. It is all done for the Glory of the Father. Thanks and God Bless you!! For His Glory - Marla J. Miller

Name: Avery
Your story: Great page! Avalon- you're an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing God so beautifully in song! I am sixteen and I feel God calling me into the music ministry.You are a great musical influence and Christian influence. Keep up the great work!! I'll be praying for all of you! Welcome Cheri!! I can't wait to hear you sing! :)LOVE IN CHRIST!

Name: Sonny
Your story: I have seen avalon in concert twice. I loved Nikki and wish she was still with avalon. But, I think she will do well in a solo career. Avalon well go on impacting peoples lives with a christian message for many years to come.

Name: Reba Baskett
Your story: It was the night of the last gold stop and I could tell the energy was high and that many pranks lie in store. The first prank of the evening came when before the show Crystal, Jody and, Michael decided to dress up in wigs and run around hall where people came in. Jody and Crystal were busy at the merchandise table asking people who Avalon was and telling them they heard Avalon was a horrible group. Michael was watching people come i the door and then proceeded to run through the auditorium room of people. The second prank was on Avalon. As people were coming in the door they were getting the message, don't clap for Avalon during the first song, no screaming no clapping no nothing. In fact we were supposed to boo or give them mean looks, but no one went that far. Avalon came out and Michael had this look of horror on his face cause everyone was just sitting there not clapping, nothing! Then a mysterious 5th member came out dressed in black and wearing a big afro looking wig, of course it was Crystal Lewis. After the song finished one person who was assigned to clap stood up and clapped very slow. Avalon was terrified. Just then Crystal came running back out and everyone started screaming and Michael, dewigged her in front of everyone while people started going crazy. The concert continued normally until the part of the set where they all sit around the piano and sing. Well the crew thought it would be funny to "fog" them out and as Jody was talking the stage started getting foggier and foggier, Janna was looking around confused and trying to blow the fog away form her and Cherri was laughing. All of a sudden Jody shouted, "Is this London?" The rest of Avalon's set was incredible, their harmony was defiantly some of the best I have heard in all the times I have seen them (going on 6 now). When Crystal got on to do her set all went normally until 1/2 way through. Crystal started singing 'not the same' and during the chorus 4 people came running up on stage all "dressed up"...of course it was Avalon. They had dressed up in some of their 'tour best'...Jody was wearing yellow fishing pants and a black wig with lipstick, and michael was wearing a long black wig and lipstick, with some funny clothes, and the two girls dressed as Crystal with black wigs. They all disco danced with Joe (the keyboards guy) and had a fun old time on stage. During Crystal's last song Jody and Michael came to back Crystal wearing long black wigs, sunglasses, and a black Crystal Lewis ' gold tour' T-shirt. thus ended the night of pranks....All in all it was the best show I have seen in a long time!

Name: Tiffany Mealman
Your story: I got the wonderful opportunity of attending an Avalon concert in October of '98 and it was awesome!! I really enjoyed it! Afterward we were able to get autographs and meet the four of them. It was so cool! Avalon has always been my favorite group, ever since I heard the songs from their first CD. Their second CD is ten times better! I have fallen in love with the song "Testify to Love." It is a lesson to me that every day I need to be an example to others of God's love and that every time I breathe I should give thanks to God. AVALON- Thank you so much for your committment to writing music. I really enjoy your "Maze of Grace" CD and your concert was awesome. Thank you for being so nice when we got to meet you. I don't know if you remember me, but I was the 14 year old, blonde, who was so excited to meet you and took a billion pictures. My sister and I were so excited to shake Jody's hand and we fought over who would stand behind Micheal in our picture. I think the main thing, was that I've always dreamed of meeting you. (And Steven Curtis Chapman!) I look up to you and love you all very much. Thanks for everthing. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL! I am sending you a present in the mail, so make sure whoever is in charge of the address off of this web site gives it to you. You are all in my prayers. I love you all. Love, Tiffany

Name: Loving (i'm not allowed to give my real name)
Your story: I don't really have a story. Sorry. I was just wanting to say, I LOVE Y'ALL, Avalon! Y'all are really great! I've been to one of your concerts, and It was really awesome! Michael~ you're so great on the piano! I didn't know you were like pro on it!! WOW! :) Luv ya! Nikki (if you read this)~ I LOVE gymnastics! That's sooooo kewl that you were training for the olympics! I hope solo singing goes great for you! Luv ya too! Cherie~ Hey! I'm really glad you're in Avalon! My bro thinks you have an excellent voice, and so do I! It's really truly beautiful! I'm sad Nikki left, but you know what? I'm REALLY glad you're here!!!!!!!! :) Luv ya three!!! :) Jody~ HEy! Youre engaged??????????? NEATO! What's Stephanie like? I'm sure she's just PERFECT for you! :) I hope the Lord blesses your lives together. I hope He blesses y'all with children too! :) Luv ya four! :) Jenna~ Hiya! that's so cute that you like the cook!!!! :) I really would never think tha t you'd like to cook! Th at's cool! :) Luv ya five! Or also, whatever!!!! God bless y'all, Avalon! Keep up the great work! Y'all are a blessing to me, and to everyone that listens to y'all!!! KLTY IS 'DA BOMB!!!! AND, SO ARE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :- <>< Everyone~ sorry this isn't a story! I should've put this on the message board! Too late!!! AWESOME SITE, Courtney! LUV IT LOTS!!! :)

Name: Alan
Your story: The two Avalon albums so far are great. The message that each song carries is very powerful and relevant, especially in "Dreams I Dream For You." I want to share a little bit my thoughts about Michael Passons. Michael came to my school in January 1997 and January 1998 and led worship for our "Christian Emphasis Week." He was GREAT. Meeting him personally was a pleasure and I can't express how much he has blessed my school and the students at Hawaii Baptist Academy. Above all, God was glorified by his talent and his ability to lead worship. I can't wait to see him in concert in Hawaii this coming January.

Name: Rebecca
Your story: Cherie is my favorite. Her birthday is the same day as my dads.

Name: Nicole
Your story: I went to there concert in Dover,Delaware. It was great. I had never heard of them before that day. I was amazed by how God has really blessed them in so many ways.

Name: Barbara
Your story: I got the great pleasure of meeting the group Avalon at the Sandestin Singles Retreat over labor day weekend. For all those people who are still upset over Nikki leaving, I've got to tell you, I've heard Cherie sing and her testimony and I personally happen to think she sings circles around Nikki. Cherie has the most beautiful singing voice and her testimony could bring you to tears. In my opinion, Cherie is just what the group needed and I am very glad she is here. Cherie, if you ever need some encouragement, just e-mail me. I wish I could have spoken to her personally when I met the group. She has so much to offer.

Avalon is scheduled to be at the Smokey Mountain Singles Retreat in Gatlinburg, TN in February. You can bet I'll be there! God bless.

Name: Michael from Avalon
Your story: what a wonderful site, and the comments are very encouraging. courtney, we are all impressed with the web site--it's alot better than ours!! we are in elkhart, IN tonight oct. 1--our first stop on the crystal lewis/avalon tour. cherie(our new additon) has just learned how to get on line with her new lap top so we are checking things out. thanks to all of you who listen to our music and pray for us!! god bless you all. love michael

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